The Great Shoe Debate

I recently purchased this adorable little number from the new Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s (on sale-for $39.99!).  While I am neither a fan of The Hills or LC, her spring line at Kohl’s is pretty cute and very affordable .  Considering my Nine West gladiator wedges from 2 summers ago were past their prime, I thought it would be a great time to update my bad-ass black shoe collection.  I was bumming around on (too many choices!) where I noticed these little beauties staring back at me.  Simple, not too detailed, requisite 4 inch heel, I could wear them with other things in my closet, and the price was right at $79-Sold!  That 20% off coupon didn’t hurt either (but the second pair of shoes I bought did…oops).  With the order completed, I felt pretty happy with the purchase and couldn’t wait for my shoes to come home to momma.

The next day I took a little stroll down Michigan Ave and popped into Aldo just to ‘see’ what shoes they had and bam! I find these hotties. Crap!  Now what do I do?  Being the impulse shopper that I am I decide to buy them.  I run home and await the delivery of my JS pair so that I can make an informed decision about which ones compliment the outfit more- because frankly, money has yet to grow on trees despite my best effort.

A few days later the  JS pair arrives and The Great Shoe Debate begins.  Which pair am I keeping and which pair am I returing.  I try on each pair with the blue dress and can’t decide on my own (I LOVE them both).  I strut in front of my boyfriend-who’s ‘busy’ watching SportsCenter and at first he picks the Aldo pair because they’re more ‘unique’ but ultimately decides on the JS pair because he thinks they’ll go with more (man I’ve taught him well).  One vote for JS!   His opinion alone won’t do, so I decide to take a pic and send it to my trusty flock of fabulous girlfriends and see what they say.  This got me no where as most of them loved both!  Equal votes for JS and Aldo. As decision time nears, I bring them both to the office (with the intent on returning one pair that day) to get the opinion of some girls in the office.  After a lot of back and forth, the Aldo pair goes back.  The decision maker-despite my office’s lax dress code, they would be a bit to bad-ass to strut around in on casual Friday (even though in my mind it’s Fashion Friday).  For whatever reason, the guys here (sports-minded guys) see a platform shoe and think “stripper” not fashion.  Boo.

I cannot wait until it warms up enough so I can rock my new JS shoes (even though the guys here probably still won’t get it :))


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