Stop Staring!

My fabulous girl K from Milwaukee was recently texting me about her fabulous new boot purchase, asking what she could rock with them.  First thing that pops in my mind is skinny jeans, but come on West-let’s be more creative! Spring is definitely in the air (sometimes in Chicago anyways) and vintage floral prints are all over the place, so I suggested she rock these tough girl boots with a flirty floral dress (this one here’s from the Gap and only $59.99).  She could pair them with a pair of cute denim shorts and a loose-flowing top.  Loves it!  Hmmm, now I’m thinking I should take my own advice and get myself a cute floral dress to extend the wear of the Frye boots I picked up last Fall…

Back to the topic at hand, the lovely K responds with “It’s so hard to try and be fashionable here, people stare”.  “Here” being Milwaukee and surrounding areas and “people stare” meaning they’re jealous of your style.  Hearing her say this made me a little sad.   How disheartening would it be to get all dressed up in an outfit you feel super confident in when looking at your reflection in the mirror only to leave your house and have people looking at you, making you feel all self-conscious.  Forget. About. Them.  They don’t get it, they never will, and they’re more than likely jealous that you had the balls to do something with your look that they never will.  Fashion is about individuality and expressing yourself through your clothing.  If you feel you look good-who cares what other people think once you walk out that door.  I know how it feels when that little bit of doubt creeps in your mind about how you look on one of your most fashionable feeling days- just kick that little thought’s booty right out of your mind.  You Rock.  You are Fabulous. Don’t let anyone tell you different.


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