She’s got legs for days….

Nude footwear is one of the big trends for spring this year. Besides going with just about everything (hello neutral) they also do great things for your legs by making them appear as long as Giselle’s runway gams since they blend with your skin tone, leaving the line of your legs uninterrupted. I recently embarked on a journey to find the perfect pair of nude shoes to compliment my spring wardrobe. Considering the “nude” trend was so big this season, I didn’t think it would take too much effort. I recently purchased a purchased these nude patent shoes from Jessica Simpson-called Astor. The color was perfect and matched my olive skin tone perfectly. I loved the fact that they were a peep toe and a platform shoe. What I didn’t love was that it was a sling back since those tend to slip off my heels or stretch out. I also wished the shoe was taller considering that the shoe minus the platform probably only stood at about 3 inches tall (which wasn’t tall enough for me!). So I began searching for something in a similar style without my dislikes.

This search was much harder than I anticipated! Besides finding the right style of shoe, you also need to find the right nude material to match your skin tone. Think of it as if you were matching your foundation to your skin tone. The idea is for your foundation to blend in with your skin so you don’t have that silly masked look by choosing the wrong color. There are countless shades of nude shoes, just as there are shades of foundation and the only way you’ll know what’s right for you is to try them on and match them up.

Here are some affordable options:

1. Steve Madden ‘Nanciee’ $99.95  2. Guess ‘Hondo’ $90.00  3. Carlos Santana ‘Calico’ $79  4. Jessica Simpson ‘Sally’ $79 5  5. Aldo ‘Vanhove’ $80  6.  Chinese Laundry ‘Lucky Strike’


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