Romping Around

This summer one of the trends that has creeped its way onto my radar is the romper.  One day while browsing online at I noticed quite a few different styles of them and became increasingly curious if this trend would work for me.  Luckily my girl K was coming to Chicago for a visit and I figured a little shopping (as usual) and some experimenting on this trend would be in order.  Coincidentally K was just as curious as I was, so off we went down to State Street for some retail therapy (and experimentation of course).

First stop was Zara where we found a great LBR (little black romper).  It was a silk and cotton blend with a razor back, adjustable spaghetti straps, ruffle front, pleated shorts, and a tie belt.  It was cute and sophisticated at the same time.  With nothing to lose I tried it on and in the words of Rachel Zoe “I die”.  It was perfect and at $39.99, the price was right too.  Not wanting to commit to early, I put the romper on hold and we continued on our way.

Next we hit up Forever21.  I figured that in this trendy little store, we were bound to find something.  Surprisingly, however all we found to try on were some super-casual styles that were more suited for the pool then anything else.  But still, at only $9.50 the price was right and I snatched one up in black.

Urban Outfitters was our final stop and was probably the store with the most variety of rompers.  There were casual, daytime rompers, and dressier evening style rompers.  I picked two different styles-both in black to try on.  The first was a loose fitting sleeveless number with a lower V neckline.  Egh-it was okay. I liked the idea of it, but the top half looked a little boxy and didn’t have enough shape for me.  Next!  The next one was shiney polyester material.  It was a one- shoulder romper with a ruffled neckline.  I loved that this style was a little dressier, but it was almost too dressy looking because of the shiney material.  Ideally I wanted something I could wear just as easily with a pair of gladiators as I would with some killer heels.  The shorts were also a little shorter than I would’ve liked.

In the end, I headed back to Zara and picked up the first romper I saw and tried on.  I paired it with a simple clutch, a long strand pearl necklace, some mixed bangles, super high heels, and some red lips.  The effect was a playful, yet romantic look-perfect for a night out on the town with my boyfriend.

While this trend is easier to pull of than a full on jump-suit (for me at least) there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure you watch the length of the romper.  A few of the ones I’ve tried on were definitely too short.  You’re already showing a decent amount of skin in this look, don’t make it indecent with too short shorts.
  • Your romper should have some shape.  If it doesn’t come with a belt, pair it with one of your own.  you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a potato sack.
  • Unless you are going for a swimsuit cover up, look for a style with a little more structure and detail.
  • I would really like to believe this look is for all body types, so make sure  to pick one that’s right for yours.  Look for a style that fits your body well and hits in all the right places-such as your actual waist.
  • Choose a fabric appropriate for your body. Clingy fabrics, like silk, show curves more than heavier fabrics like denim or cotton.
  • Stick with a solid color for a longer, leaner, and more sophisticated look.
  • Choose the right shoes and accessories to define your look.  Flat gladiator sandals, minimal jewelry, a hat, and a large bag says ‘daytime’.  High heel shoes, elegant jewelery, dramatic makeup, and a clutch says ‘evening’.
  • And above all, rock this look with loads of confidence.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Pins and Needles Ruffle Halter Romper,$58,  2. Carpenter Romper, $44, 3. BCBG Generation, $98, 4. Greylin knit romper, $50, 5.  Colloquies on Chic Romper, $52.99, 6. Staring at Stars Silky Safari Romper, $68, 7. Kookai Linen Military Playsuit, $110,


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