Sporty Spice

What does a fashionista wear when going to a sporting event?

This is one of those questions that plague me on a regular basis.  I don’t really consider myself a sporty girl by any means.  Sure, I’ll go to a game or go to a sports bar and watch my teams play, I understand the rules of the game (most of the time), and I at least have a general understanding of what is going on in the sports world.  But here’s the thing- not only do I have a very sports oriented boyfriend, but my day job happens to be for a sports marketing company, so there’s no escaping this type of situation.  So what’s a girl like me supposed to do?

I can tell you this much- you will not catch me in a big baggy t-shirt or jersey and gym shoes-no offense to those that do-but I’m just not that kind of girl.  Plus, there is still a serious lack of options in the fashionable team apparel department.

When determining the million dollar question of what to wear, here are some of the things I take into consideration:

-what are the teams colors and what do I have in my closet to match them

-who am I attending the event with (clients, girlfriends, coworkers, boyfriend and his friends)

-temperature of the venue- indoor, outdoor, sunny, cloudy, are we at the stadium, or at a bar watching the game

-are we sitting or standing

-what time of day the game is at

-what are we doing after the game

And no matter what the answers to these questions are-I want to look fabulous.

Through my experiences with sporting events I’ve determined a few don’ts: Don’t wear high heels.  Not only will you get a funny look from your boyfriend, but stadium stairs will not be your friend, nor will the long distance you have to walk from the parking lot to the stadium to your seats-However I do have an exception- if it’s a night game, and you’re heading out after.  Don’t borrow your boyfriend’s extra jersey/sweatshirt/t-shirt/etc.  It won’t fit you-it’s made for a man!  Don’t dress like you are going to the club (even if you are after the game).  Leave the super short denim skirts at home unless you want to be mistaken for a ‘pro-ho’.  You are going to be extremely uncomfortable and your booty will undoubtedly end up touching the seat the minute you sit down (eww).  If you do wear team apparel-Don’t get the pink stuff.  I know it’s meant to support breast cancer, so wear it for breast cancer month, but I think it looks silly on you-especially when they add the glitter and rhinestones.  You are not a 5 year old girl.

I’ve also come up with a few do’s:  Do invest in a nice pair of darker boot cut or slightly flared jeans that will work with flat shoes.  Dark denim is always an easy and versatile option and it instantly dresses up an outfit (also good in case you need to do a quick shirt change after a game to go out).  Do wear some cute comfy flats or fashion sneakers (puma’s, chuck tailors, etc)-just don’t get them in pink- it doesn’t go with any team’s colors.  If you must wear a taller pair of shoes, Do go with a cute wedge.  They’ll be just as comfortable as flats, but won’t look out of place like heels-especially during the day.  Do downsize your luggage-aka your purse.  Find a bag that’s a bit smaller than your every day purse that can fit your essentials for the game.  Find one a neutral color and in a material you can wipe down easily in case something spills on it.

Here are some options:


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