Fashionista in a Sports Fanatic World

I think I’m in the wrong line of work. Take one look at my cubicle and you’ll see why-

So now you are probably wondering why I’m in the wrong line of work.  Well, considering you are reading a fashion blog and all you see are pictures of fabulous outfits and accessories, one would maybe assume I work in a creative job in the fashion industry right? Well in this case looks are rather deceiving since I actually work for a sports marketing company. Crazy right? My office is full of the male species (and some female too) who live, breath, and sleep sports. ESPN is on 24-7 in our lobby and it isn’t rare to have a group of people gather up front to watch an important game or even SportCenter’s Top ten plays. I somehow doubt that Project Runway or Rachel Zoe would garner that much attention (but one can wish right?). Luckily in the position I started in- an extensive knowledge of sports was not a requirement. Through osmosis and a little coaching from the BF, I’ve learned a lot more about sports then I would have any other way. Oh how much I’ve grown. I’m incredibly thankful that I have a job that I enjoy and coworkers that I love, especially in the current state of our economy, but I know it wasn’t what I was meant to do. As much as I’ve learned about sports, never is there a topic on what the proper attire is to wear to a game or how a teams uniforms desperately need updating, or why the cheerleaders dress the way they do- much to my disappointment. So how do I get my fashion fix ?  Well other than the casual Fridays that I’ve affectionately dubbed ‘Fashion Friday’, I decided to start this fashion blog.  Writing this blog allows me to perform my regular job during the day, but at night gives me an outlet to be creative in the area I’m most passionate about. Here I can freely discuss the shoes I really want right now, or what outfit I should wear to an upcoming wedding, or the fabulous outfit Rachel Zoe wore in her show without getting a blank stare in return. Maybe I can combine the two in the office? Can you imagine…

Guy at work “Did you see what happened in that game last night?”                            Me (in the voice of Rachel Zoe) “I know…it was Out. Of. Control”                          Guy at work “yeah, that play was pretty ridiculous”                                                       Me “Yeah, and those uniforms were ba-na-nas”                                                               Guy at work-Blank Stare                                                                                                                  Me “I’m like totally having a throwback moment right now”                                        Guy at work-“yeah, okay….”

On second thought, I’ll just keep the two separate -like “on another level” separate 🙂


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