I’ve got NOTHING to wear!!

Alright, how many of you have had those days where you go in your closet and say (in an exasperated tone) ‘I’ve got nothing to wear!’ as you stare into a closet that is absolutely overflowing with clothes?  I can imagine everyone’s had those days at one point or another or even on a weekly or daily basis.  Even I have those days where you walk in to your closet completely uninspired as you look at what you think is a boring and drab wardrobe.  Nothing to wear? Probably not.  Need a new perspective?  Absolutely!

I often visit my girl K’s closet when she’s got ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ syndrome.  She’ll go through her closet and show me what she’s having trouble with and I’ll give her a few suggestions of what I’d wear it with to give it a new look.  All of a sudden she’s got 1o new outfits without that trip to the mall. If shopping is in order (which it usually is anyways) we can discover holes in her wardrobe where maybe she’s missing one or two pieces that would instantly update much of what she already has.  Buying two things is better than 10 right?- Well at least for the wallet anyways :).

Whenever I’m feeling particularly uninspired I take to my inspiration book.  “What is your inspiration book?” you ask.  Well it’s a cumulation of any and every outfit I’ve ever liked that I’ve torn out from magazines, catalogs, or printed off from online.  I like to think of it as my own sort of magazine with just the stuff I like.

One flip through this book and all of a sudden I have too many outfits that I can’t decide which one to wear!  This book helps me gain new perspective to my closet and put pieces together that I probably wouldn’t have ever paired together.  For example; in the most recent Harper’s Bazaar I tore out a page from their accessories special (pictured center below).  On this page they paired a bright red accessory with camel colored clothing.  So I took to my closet and pulled my new camel colored Editor pants from Express and a bright red blouse that was also from Express (circa 2006) that was about to be put in the giveaway pile since it had been worn in months.  Add some fun gold jewelry and a sassy leopard print cuff and BAM! I’ve got a classy looking outfit that I absolutely rocked today at the office.

Creating this book was a piece of cake.  To step it up a notch, I’m going to reorganize my pics by season and maybe even type of look to make it a little more user-friendly.  I do live in Chicago after all where it’s 80 degrees one day and 55 the next.  Girl’s gotta stay organized right?

You can create this book too!  Besides a collection of magazine cutouts, all you need is a large binder, some divider tabs, a scissors, and clear plastic covers.


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