I have a confession…I broke one of my own fashion rules.  I wore an NFL football jersey- not once, not twice, but many times this past season.  To be fair- I believe I am partially responsible for the success of my team-The Super Bowl XLV Champion Green Bay Packers-so I had to do it.  Now let me explain…

It all started the day after Christmas- I bought my bf tickets for the Packers vs. Giants game (a very important game for the Pack to make the playoffs).  It was a cold December afternoon game and I had to wear many layers to stay warm.  Once I had on my snow pants and coat- I had no way to show my team spirit.  I decided that maybe…just maybe I could wear my bf’s extra jersey on top of my winter coat.  I know…I’m cringing at the thought of deciding to add even more bulk to the top of an already puffy jacket.  Maybe it was something in the air, or maybe it was the fact I was in northern Wisconsin and it only seemed natural for the true fans to wear there team spirit on their sleeve- or anywhere on them for that matter.  Whatever it was, I went for it.  I didn’t exactly clash with the crowd that’s for sure.  That afternoon the Packers went on to beat the Giants in an incredible game that gave them the momentum that carried them to the Super Bowl.  I felt it was only my fan duty to continue to wear the lucky jersey.  The following weekend in a very low scoring game, the Packers beat the Bears (The Bears Still Suck) and thus began the playoff run and the necessity to continue to wear ‘the jersey’.

Through each playoff game- ‘the jersey’ was worn and each game my team won.  Now- every time after that outdoor game, I had been indoors in the comfort of my own home where wearing ‘the jersey’ and leggings which was totally fine.  No one saw my fashion don’t except the bf- which wouldn’t have noticed anyways-or dared to call me out if he did.  Then, something amazing happened.  I had the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl for work.  I was incredibly excited and thankful for the opportunity, but then worry set in as I thought about the the ultimate question- ‘What does one wear to the Super Bowl?’.  Not exactly a question one comes across often.  Naturally the jersey had to be worn, but how can I wear it and still make it me? Let me break it down for you-

First of all the jersey was ridiculously huge (it was a men’s jersey after all) so I had to make it more fitted.   I tied it at both sides and tucked the knots underneath the jersey.  Tying it also helped shorten the length so that it sat just above my hipbones.  Next, since the jersey was still fairly loose, I paired it with skinny jeans to counter the volume on top.  The hard part was trying to figure out what shoes to wear so that they looked good with skinny jeans, but also seemed practical for a sporting event.  Since the Super Bowl was in Dallas, TX; cowboy-ish boots seemed appropriate so I wore my tall Frye boots.  I completed the outfit with gold jewelry (green and gold baby!) and the purse I like to call my championship belt purse (because of the strap).  It may not have been the most perfect outfit, but it was perfect for me and my team that day.  I certainly realized that sometimes- certain rules (even fashion rules) are meant to be broken.  Go Pack Go!


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