Wedding Wednesday: Groomsmen

Currently in my wedding wonderland I’m in the process of determining the color scheme.  Last week I posted the bridesmaid dresses that I’m seriously considering.  This week I’ve put together the coordinating groomsmen look.  I think I might alternate between fern and wine since I can’t pick just one color.  I love the fact that David’s Bridal and Men’s Wearhouse have coordinated their color options.  It makes the process so much easier!  David’s Bridal even has invitations that use the same colors of their fabrics.  To be honest, I never thought I’d shop at a such a large chain store for this kind of stuff, that I’d be more of a boutique shopper, but they make it too easy not to.  My only concern is how the guys would react to the wine color ( but at least I’m not making them wear bright pink right??).  Here are the groomsmen options (sans jacket):

All looks can be found at David’s Bridal


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