Mani Monday- Irish Fest Nails

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to bartend at Irish Fest in Milwaukee.  It has become part of a tradition with my fiance’s family and it was the perfect opportunity to do something fun and festive with my nails- in green of course.  I needed the manicure to be something that I would want to keep on my nails past the weekend’s festivities, so unfortunately my original plan of green, orange, and white water marbling was no longer an option.  I ended up going with a low-key version of the glittery ombre nails I did in the past- but with green instead.  After applying a base coat of Essie Fill the Gap, I did 2 coats of Essie Going Incognito.  I then took OPI’s Glow Up Already! (green glitter) and applied it to the tips of my ring finger and thumb on both hands.  In order to get the ombre effect, I wiped off the excess glitter from the brush and then swept the brush from the tips towards the cuticle to spread out the glitter.  I then added a bit more glitter at the tip so that the glitter was a little more concentrated at the top.  Then I added a fewer big chunks of glitter from the Sephora by OPI collection of Flurry Up and Only Gold for Me and finished it up with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.


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