Wedding Wednesday: We have a place!

We have finally decided on our reception place and I couldn’t be happier with the result.  I wanted our reception to look nothing like a typical reception (no offense to those that do) but it’s just not my style nor the look I was going for.  Since I already had the dress picked, the venue had to compliment the romantic feel of the dress.  I really wanted a venue that was really rustic with exposed brick, natural elements, and a loft like urban feel.  Cuvee Champagne Lounge in the Historic 3rd Ward in Milwaukee fits this description to a T!  After a little negotiation regarding some pricing (beautiful spaces do come with a price) we were able to make it work with our budget.  Here’s a pic I snapped this weekend when dropping off the agreement.  I love the cream-city brick and the wooden columns and the length of the space.  It’s so gorgeous and  I can’t wait to have my own reception here!

For more gorgeous pics, check out Cuvee’s Facebook page.  Love!


One response to “Wedding Wednesday: We have a place!

  1. Your wedding is going to be as fabulous as you are! Nice pick.

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