Wedding Wednesday: Mercury Glass Gorgeousness

I love mercury glass.  Is it silver?  Is it gold?  Is it mirrored?  Whatever it is- lets just call it gorgeous. If I could impose some wisdom on you for a moment-mercury glass, which is also known as silvered glass is actually neither silver or made with mercury (well, not anymore).  True mercury glass is actually double walled and coated with a silver formula in between the layers of glass- which is filled through a small hole, then plugged.

It was my bestie Miss J who introduced me to the gorgeousness of mercury glass.  She had embellished her home with all sorts of little elements in this material and I adored the look.  I couldn’t believe someone like myself who loves all things shiny and sparkly had never noticed it before.  Well, I had to change that- and did as my home is now embellished with everything from candle holders to table lamps.  Thanks Miss J!

When searching for centerpiece ideas for the wedding, I came across many beautiful pictures featuring mercury glass.  The vintage, antique look is so beautiful and has just the right amount of sparkle to accent the floral centerpieces (to be discussed much later).  Here are some of the inspiring images for you to enjoy.

Photo Credit-Clockwise from top left: Darin Fong Photography, Ruffled Blog, Blooms Blog, Tim Otto Photography, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Project Wedding, Petalena

For those of you who are crafty enough to try it on your own (which I’m definitely one of them) you can find a step by step tutorial here.



2 responses to “Wedding Wednesday: Mercury Glass Gorgeousness

  1. OOO, everything is so pretty when it sparkles. Now if only I could get my room to look this elegent all the time. I never knew what this glass was called, but thanks to you I do. Great post for my bored eyes 🙂

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