Mani Monday: Chanel-ing Gorgeousness

Lucky you! It’s a Mani Monday double header!  Since my cheetah manicure from my post last week was holding up so well, I didn’t need to do my own mani during our little girls night.  Instead I waited until Saturday when I picked up another new Chanel color to add to my collection- Graphite from the Illusion d’Ombre Fall 2011 collection.  From what I’ve read, both Peridot and Graphite are limited additions- so if you have the opportunity to purchase one, do it, because the won’t be around for too long.  Prior to my purchases, I had been told from two different Macy’s stores that they were sold out, but getting more in stock at some point- and they’d add me to a wait list.  How crazy is that?  A wait list for a bottle of nail polish!  Regardless of the $25 price tag, I had to have it.  I now have Peridot and Graphite to add to my Chanel collection (which had previously consisted of only Peridoxal).  So how amazing are these colors?!

Peridot is a warm gold/green duochrome.  That means that the polish is filled with very fine shimmer and depending how the light hits them it can appear as two completely different colors.  This color in particular tends to view as more gold then green on me no matter what angle, but it’s still really pretty to look at and it only took 2 coats!

Graphite to me is what mercury glass would look like if it was all ground up into the tiniest particles imaginable.  It’s a super-fine charcoal-ish foil glitter…with little gold flecks mixed in-which totally warms up the coolness of the charcoal.  This one also only needed 2 coats.

Crap….I just realized that I own $75 of Chanel Nail Polish- which is sadly only 3 bottles!  Oh well, it’s life’s little luxuries in (very) small doses.



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