Currently Coveting: ASOS

Can we just talk about ASOS for a second?  “What is ASOS you might ask?”.  In a word- Awesome.  ASOS (which is the acronym for As Seen On Screen) is the UK’s largest online-only fashion and beauty store that in 2010 became available in the US.  Not only do they sell womenswear and beauty, but they also sell menswear, footwear, accessories, and jewelry.  I discovered them one day when browsing through a UK version of Glamour at the book store.  Piqued with curiosity, I ran home and googled ASOS to see what came up, clicked on the link, and from then on I was hooked on this online fashion wonderland.  Why am I hooked?  Because it’s super affordable, fashion forward, and still fairly unknown to the masses.  Here are some of the pieces (most under $100) I am coveting for fall from the ASOS website:

Extra bonus- when you select an item to view, you also get a few suggestions on how to complete the look with various pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.  What are you currently coveting from ASOS?


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