New Feature-Sporty Sundays!

In honor of the start of the NFL season where my Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers took down the New Orleans Saints- I decided to bring a new feature to The West Street Journal called Sporty Sundays.  No, I’m not about to talk stats with you- mostly because this is a fashion blog, but also because I don’t really know what they all mean :).

As I was getting ready for Thursday night’s game with my Chicago Packer Backer Amy, we faced the usual sporty dilemma of what do I wear?!  Green and Gold obviously….but in what way?  Since it was still fairly mild weather wise-yet a little rainy- I went with my green Hunter Wellies and my ‘vintage’ Packer’s Super Bowl tee that both Amy and I got at the NFL Experience in Dallas earlier this year.  My girl Amy went with her Super Bowl Champion Packer tee she ordered off of the right after we won the Bowl.  Here we are at Will’s Northwoods Inn-our very own Packer bar in the heart of Chicago.

Ok- so 1 game down, 15 to go (and hopefully more for my team)!  Not to say that there won’t be some games that I watch from the comfort of my own apartment, but there are definitely going to be many occasions where I will be out watching the game, participating in some Sunday Fundays.  Being the sporty fashionista that I am, my outfit has to look good (even if I’m the only one who cares about it).

This feature will talk about where sporty fashionista’s like us can find cute and totally game day appropriate apparel for all sorts of sports and sporting occasions.  Because if we don’t look good, our team doesn’t look good- and you know we’ve got to represent!


One response to “New Feature-Sporty Sundays!

  1. So excited for all the looks you come up with for this!!

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