Mani Monday: A Zebra with Stripes

Happy Mani Monday to you!  Well, it seems that my dear sweet nails need a little bit of love and R&R.  Lately they’ve been breaking and peeling a little more than usual which something that tends to happen when I’m not using a more fortifying base coat for my manicures.  Since my recent Chanel polish spree- I’ve been using Essie’s Firstbase Base Coat because I felt like it held the Chanel polish a little better then Essie’s Protein Base Coat– yet it obviously wasn’t helping my nails (even though it held on to that Chanel polish for dear life). So I dutifully applied a coat of the milky base coat and let it work its magic.

After wearing only the protein base all weekend- I needed to change things up.  Since it isn’t quite fall yet I took just a baby step into fall colors added Essie Chinchilly as my main color.  To jazz this mani up just the tiniest bit I used the zebra pattern from Konad Plate m57 with my Chanel Peridot.  Knowing it looks more gold than greenish on me, I thought the coolness in the grey would be a nice contrast to the warmth of the metallic gold. I topped the mani off with the usual SV Dry Fast Top Coat which really brought out the metallic of the stripes.  Here is a picture of how it looks with (left) and without a flash.


2 responses to “Mani Monday: A Zebra with Stripes

  1. Um. So sassy! I have to say not everyone could pull this off… you totally rock it, though!

  2. Thanks- it was actually pretty subtle in person- which makes it easier to pull off then you think!

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