Sporty Sunday: What’s your Secret?

It’s about time that retailers take notice to the fact that men aren’t the only sports fans out there.  Believe it or not, there are female fans out there who want cute, fitted, fun, fashionable outfits to wear to support their teams and no- the unisex gear simply won’t do.  Fan gear for the ladies has come a long way…but still has a ways to go.  Victoria’s Secret Pink has helped our cause by introducing co-branded merchandise that combines Victoria’s Secret Pink with various collegiate, MLB, and NFL teams.  Finally some options!   While the selection is still pretty limited and semi-resembles lounge wear, at least it’s a start.  Here are some of the cuter styles below.

I must admit though, I’m a little disappointed at the selection of gear for my teams.  There were definitely some cuter styles available for other teams.  Here are some of the pieces that Wisconsin teams are missing out on.

Items in both pictures are available at and range in price from $26.50-$58.50.


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