Wedding Wednesday: Inspiration Overload

For the most part, I’m a pretty creative person.  All it takes is a little inspiration for an idea and I find a way to make it truly my own.  Planning this wedding is no exception to this- especially since this special day should be your own- a day belonging to the bride and groom celebrate their marriage in a way that’s unique to them.  Since we essentially have 13 months to go I’ve been busy gathering inspiration and ideas from as many resources as I can (books, magazines, wedding shows on TLC, etc).  However, there is one resource in particular where I’ve found most of my inspiration- wedding blogs.  There are some super-creative brides out there who have orchestrated very chic and stylish weddings-which is just what I’m looking for.  No cookie-cutter wedding for me!  Luckily these blogs have put it out there for the rest of us to see.  Here are just a few of the blogs I frequent often:

Style Me Pretty is a comprehensive site featuring everything you could ever need including real weddings, vendor guides, DIY projects, wedding inspiration, and even a fashion look book.  They even summarize the year with an online magazine featuring the best of the best.

100 Layer Cake is a blog that helps ‘crafting your wedding layer by layer’.  It is similar to Style Me Pretty in that it features real wedding inspiration, DIY resources, and vendors and venues.  What’s great about this site is that it has a Marketplace where brides can buy and sell pieces for their wedding and even make requests for vendor related items and then vendors can bid for their services.

Brooklyn Bride is a blog for ‘planning a modern wedding in a world of pink flowers and poofy dresses’.  It features a number of galleries covering everything from DIY’s, wedding flowers, food, fashion, groomsmen,etc and within each gallery you search by color.  They also feature a ton of links to various other wedding resources, inspiration, and even some links to blogs centered around the groom (I know- I’m surprised they exist also).

There are so many blogs and websites out there that are dedicated to helping make your day unique that it can definitely be overwhelming.  I’ve learned that sticking to just a few blogs is all I need as I’ve already found tons of great ideas.  I remember heading to Borders right after my sis got engaged to pick out some wedding planning books to send to her and thinking ‘gosh I can’t wait to visit this section for my self’.  Since that I’ve discovered these blogs- I haven’t given the book store a second thought!  Now go and check them out!


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