Sporty Sunday: True Colors

Once in a while the ladies want to be sports fans and support our team without covering ourselves with our teams logo, especially considering the lack of options for attractive apparel for women.  Over the years I’ve accumulated a number of pieces in my team’s colors (many of them  cheaper and more fun than a team t-shirt or jersey) that could be worn on game day as well as any other day of the week.  Since it is football season, I’ll show you some things to add to your shopping list to help you back the Pack-or whatever team you support, but I’ll be showing you the examples in green and gold.  We start the outfit with a simple grey shirt and then add the team colors to complete the look and you can add as little or as much color as you’d like!  Then top it off with a fabulous manicure and you are good to go!

Top row from left to right: Obey Rugby Dolman Top $37, American Apparel California Zip Hoody in Kelly Green and Gold $38, Hollywood Solid Pashmina Scarf in Green and Gold $8.99, Topshop Moto Supersoft Green Leigh Jeans $76, Blank NYC Cropped Skinny Jeans $62, Bottom row left to right: Hunter Wellington Boots in Yellow, Asos Rectangular Stud Earrings $10.98, Asos Resin Bangle Bracelet $14.64, Hunter Wellington Boots in Green , Bauble Bar Yellow Twist Band $30, Asos Raised Cocktail Ring $18.30, Essie Nail Polish in Going Incognito and Shifting Power $8, Leather Bangles Green with Gold $24


2 responses to “Sporty Sunday: True Colors

  1. love this post! thanks for the baublebar love… i do their social media and just spotted your post. the yellow twist bangle is so fun!

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