Wedding Wednesday: You’re Invited

One of the many things on my to do list for this lovely little shindig we are hosting in about 13 months  are wedding invitations.  The expensive little pieces of paper that give your guests the details about how to find you on your special day, that they will likely dispose of once your day is over with.  Because of this, I don’t want to spend a fortune on them.  However, considering that they are essentially the first impression of your wedding and essentially set the tone of the event, you can’t skimp on this detail (at least I won’t).

I’m one of those people who love card-making, calligraphy, and all things crafty so of course this is one of those things that interests me.  At first I thought I might do them myself- but….I needed to be somewhat realistic in what I wanted to do and what I actually could do.  So I began my search to check out my options.

First started out browsing through Invitations by David’s Bridal.  I was surprised to find a number of really nice looking invites.  On the website you can search by color, design/theme, price, and even find DIY invitation kits.  Compared to a few other places I checked out, their pricing seemed fairly reasonably.  Plus, many of the color options coincide with the color swatches from the bridesmaid dresses so you can get the perfect match.  The best part- they will send you up to 5 sample invites free so you can see the real thing (well almost- they aren’t customized).  I used my work address and home address and managed to get 10 different samples (shh, don’t tell) and liked many of them that I got.

The next place I looked was an online invitation boutique from a link a girlfriend sent me called The Papermint.  It was through this site that I discovered Wedding Paper Divas.  All I can say is wow!!  If you can’t find your kind of invite here, well then, I don’t think it exists.   There are so many really gorgeous and elegant options!  Here you can also search by color, price, design/theme, but you can also search by card format, size, and even paper type.  When I had first went to the website, you could order free samples (I somehow was allowed to order 11 of them- and when I got them they were all so beautiful!).  When I went back to the website today I found that they now charge $1 per invite sample. They were a bit more pricey than David’s Bridal, which I expected, but somewhat above the price range I’m willing to spend.  Something I also discovered today was their blog that has wedding related posts and inspiration boards of real weddings (yes, I’m officially hooked).

The last place I looked was at Michael’s Craft Store.  Even though they only have one actual wedding aisle at the store, they have a decent selection of invitations from their Brides wedding stationary line.  There are tons of wedding invitation kits that include the invites, envelopes, response cards, direction cards, ribbons, sealers, etc for under $50 for 30-40 invites.  My sister found hers there on clearance for $15 for a box of 40 and personalized them by adding a few personalized embellishments.  This saved a ton of money!  Some of the kits may seem generic, but there are tons of ways to personalize them by changing the ribbon color, embellishments, ink color, etc to make them your own and kind of DIY them up.  I recently found some beautiful ivory embossed invites here for $15 on clearance and grabbed a few boxes of them.  I haven’t made a final decision yet, but at least I have an inexpensive option to go with in case I prefer to spend more $$ elsewhere- like the bar :).

Lastly I will leave you with one tip- Just because you have 250 guests, does not mean you need 250 invitations.  Let me to elaborate- many of your guests are likely families, married couples, or couples who are dating that would be attending the event together.  Would you send separate invites to Aunt Susie Qand Uncle Bob Q who are married?  No, you’d send them to Mr. and Mrs. Bob Q right?  So that’s only one invite not two.  It’s a mistake my mom and sister made when snatching up nearly 300 invites for her guests.  Luckily they were able to rework the wedding invites and use them for the rehearsal dinner.  So it all worked out in the end, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind!


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