Sporty Sunday: Got Junk?

Last year at the NFL Experience in Dallas I was on the hunt for some cute Packer apparel so I headed to the NFL shop and came across a lovely little display that  looked like a vintage yard sale- right in the heart of the NFL superstore.  It was so refreshing to see apparel that wasn’t screaming NFL and was a little more subdued.  I was hooked on Junk Food (and no, not the crappy kind that ruins your diet).  Junk Food is a vintage T-shirt company known for it’s retro styles and one-of-a-kind looks…AKA- really cute and wearable T’s.  Since it is football season- I’m showing you some of my favorite NFL picks from their site, some of which I will be ordering the minute I’m done with this post.  They also sell men’s shirts too so you can get some for your honey too!All T-Shirts are available at Junk Food Clothing Company‘s website and range from $27.50 to $59.00


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