Wedding Wednesday: The Long or the Short of it!

There are still 374 days until our wedding- which seems like a ton of time but I’m pretty sure it’s going to fly by.  Now that we are getting into the month of October (the month of our wedding- next year) I’m starting to debate on whether my bridesmaid dresses should be long or short.  I figure that since the weather is starting to turn a little chillier this time of year, that my bridesmaids might be more comfortable (warm) in long dresses vs. short dresses.  After reading a few articles online- it seems like these days the length of the dresses is more about the formality of the wedding and not the season, however I think I will be taking both formality and season into consideration as well as what I think my girls might want to wear and what they can wear again.  Since all the ladies have fabulous figures and are a similar height and size-that’s one less thing I have to take into consideration because they’ll look amazing in everything!

Because the ceremony will be held in a beautiful, historic catholic church- I feel as though it may be considered more formal.  Plus- the church wedding guidelines suggest that skirts hit at the knee or below in order to be more appropriate (especially when the ladies are sitting).  The reception venue on the other hand is more urban, swanky, than formal.  But I know there will be tons of dancing involved so short dresses would be more appropriate for that.  I can tell you one thing- tea length will not even be considered.  I’m just not a fan, especially being a shorty- that length is too tough to pull off.

I haven’t announced all of my bridesmaids yet, but once I do I will be taking their thoughts and opinions into consideration.  Until then, here are some gorgeous dresses I’ve found online.  What do you think ladies?

Dresses from left to right: David’s Bridal One Shoulder Long Jersey Dress, David’s Bridal Long Jersey Dress with Charmeuse Straps, David’s Bridal White by Vera Wang V Neck Sleeveless Chiffon Column Dress, Bari Jay Style #641, Bari Jay Style #322, Bari Jay Style #644


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