Mani Monday: She’s a Cold Hearted Snake

I was either channeling Paula Abdul or the snakeskin accessories trend when I ended up with this mani.  Either way, I love the way the end result.  The idea came along after testing out my new Bundle Monster plates and more specifically the funky snakeskin pattern of BM215.

Since the fiance loathes snakes and anything that resembles them (faux or not) I only did an accent nail so I didn’t scare him off.  After applying Essie First Base Base Coat, I used two coats of OPI You Don’t Know Jacques on all but my accent nail.  The accent nail was painted with two coats of OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel (xmas gift from the fiance) so that the snake pattern would show up better.

For the snake pattern, I layered 3 different colors on top of each other to give a real snakeskin affect.  I started with a stamp of a pale creamy yellow using Nubar Yellow Primrose.  Then I layered another stamp using OPI My Private Jet, and then finished with a stamp of OPI You Don’t Know Jacques to tie the mani together.  Obvi I used the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to ‘top’ off the mani.

Here are the colors I used:

Here is the result:

C-c-cold Hearted…..Sssnake


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