Case of the Paydays: Be My Valentine

Well it’s payday for me which means that I can get a little anxious to get out there and help stimulate the economy on some fabulous fashion.  Here’s what I currently want to spend my hard earned paycheck on-

1. J. Crew Talitha Blouse:$119   2.Express Signature Stretch Editor Pants:$69.90  3.Nine West Go Girl Clutch :$79  4.Bauble Bar Honeycomb cuff:$46 5.Nine West Free Spirit:$119  6.Bauble Bar Pearl Cluster Bib Necklace:$52  7.Banana Republic Saffiano Leather Skinny Belt:$19.99  8.Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in April, May, and June:$26 each

I wasn’t sure what to think of the hot pink and red trend at first, but now its grown on me and I need to try it out.  Valentines day might just be the perfect day to wear these lovely colors together.  With the right accessories (and nail color of course) I think I could make this work.  Would you ever consider wearing pink and red together?


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