Show Me What Your [Closet’s] Workin’ With

In case you were at all curious about what the inside of my closet looks like, I thought I’d show it off, just like some of the other fabulous fashion bloggers I follow.  Living in a high rise apartment in Chicago- ample closet space isn’t exactly aplenty, so I’ve learned to work with what I’ve got.   Fortunately for me (and my Fiance), our apartment comes with 3 whole closets!  Two for me and one for…. just kidding.  We have just enough room for each of us to have our own closet- and another closet for coats, boots, out of season clothes, and storage.

I think I’ve maximized the space as best I could.  I’d have to say that out of all the closets I’ve hung my clothes in, I like this one the best- probably because it’s the most organized closet I’ve had so far.  Here’s a little look inside my closet with Instagram pics since they make everything look more pretty!

I try to group my clothing first by color, then by shirt type (sweaters, long sleeve tees, short sleeve, tank top, etc).  My pants, skirts, and dresses are also grouped together.  In order to better display my jewelry and make it more accessible, I took an old photo board and screwed hooks into it and then sorted by metal type (silver, pewter, gold, etc).  Earrings, rings, and miscellaneous jewels live in the jewelry box in the bottom right pic, and items I wear every day live in the silver dish atop the jewelry box.

How do you maximize and organize your tiny closet space?


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