Valentine’s Day Wishes!

Can you feel the L.O.V.E- Love!

Christian Louboutin Love Pumps


Show Me What Your [Closet’s] Workin’ With

In case you were at all curious about what the inside of my closet looks like, I thought I’d show it off, just like some of the other fabulous fashion bloggers I follow.  Living in a high rise apartment in Chicago- ample closet space isn’t exactly aplenty, so I’ve learned to work with what I’ve got.   Fortunately for me (and my Fiance), our apartment comes with 3 whole closets!  Two for me and one for…. just kidding.  We have just enough room for each of us to have our own closet- and another closet for coats, boots, out of season clothes, and storage.

I think I’ve maximized the space as best I could.  I’d have to say that out of all the closets I’ve hung my clothes in, I like this one the best- probably because it’s the most organized closet I’ve had so far.  Here’s a little look inside my closet with Instagram pics since they make everything look more pretty!

I try to group my clothing first by color, then by shirt type (sweaters, long sleeve tees, short sleeve, tank top, etc).  My pants, skirts, and dresses are also grouped together.  In order to better display my jewelry and make it more accessible, I took an old photo board and screwed hooks into it and then sorted by metal type (silver, pewter, gold, etc).  Earrings, rings, and miscellaneous jewels live in the jewelry box in the bottom right pic, and items I wear every day live in the silver dish atop the jewelry box.

How do you maximize and organize your tiny closet space?

Mani Monday: Mother of (Black) Pearl

Well, I’ve done it, added another Chanel nail polish to my collection.  This time it’s Chanel Black Pearl.  I’ve seen plenty of swatches of this color but it is even more gorgeous in person.  I wouldn’t say it’s black, but more of a dark metallic pewter-ish teal.  So gorg!  I added a little pewter glitter (Sephora by OPI To the Glitter End)  to an accent nail-not because it needed any more pizazz, but rather because I got a new glitter I needed to try out.  Black Pearl will definitely be part of the regular rotation!

Wedding Wednesday: Indie Wed

This past Saturday I attended my first ever bridal show, Indie Wed, at the Ravenswood Event Center.  Indie Wed is the alternative to the traditional bridal expo, featuring more than 100 independent vendors with beautiful, whimsical displays all set up in a pretty sweet venue.

Tickets for the event came courtesy of Katie Jayne of Jayne Weddings who had her very own wedding planning booth at the event which featured a sample tablescape of  her work (pictured below) and if you need further confirmation of her awesome work, check out her own wedding which was featured on Style Me Pretty’s website.

My beautiful bridesmaid Amy accompanied me to the event.  Having never been to one of these before, neither one of us really knew what to expect.  What we found when we walked in were aisles of gorgeous displays, beautifully arranged tablescapes, samples from various caterers, beer tastings(awesome!), music from bands and DJ’s, traveling photobooths, artists selling their jewelry & headpieces, photographers, and even models dressed in beautiful vintage wedding dresses.   It was as if Pinterest came to life!

Here are some of the highlights:

Tablescape and detail by Becca Blue Flowers.  Love the colors & mini mason jars!

Tablescape and detail by MS Weddings.  Loving the hanging crystals and pashmina chair wrap.

Tablescape by Greatest Expectations and flowers by Fleur.  So pretty!

Tablescape and detail by Jayne Weddings. Love the neons and animal favors!

Testing out the photobooths. The Original Traveling Photobooth (left) and Magnolia Photobooth Co. (right)

Case of the Paydays: Be My Valentine

Well it’s payday for me which means that I can get a little anxious to get out there and help stimulate the economy on some fabulous fashion.  Here’s what I currently want to spend my hard earned paycheck on-

1. J. Crew Talitha Blouse:$119   2.Express Signature Stretch Editor Pants:$69.90  3.Nine West Go Girl Clutch :$79  4.Bauble Bar Honeycomb cuff:$46 5.Nine West Free Spirit:$119  6.Bauble Bar Pearl Cluster Bib Necklace:$52  7.Banana Republic Saffiano Leather Skinny Belt:$19.99  8.Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in April, May, and June:$26 each

I wasn’t sure what to think of the hot pink and red trend at first, but now its grown on me and I need to try it out.  Valentines day might just be the perfect day to wear these lovely colors together.  With the right accessories (and nail color of course) I think I could make this work.  Would you ever consider wearing pink and red together?

Mani Monday: She’s a Cold Hearted Snake

I was either channeling Paula Abdul or the snakeskin accessories trend when I ended up with this mani.  Either way, I love the way the end result.  The idea came along after testing out my new Bundle Monster plates and more specifically the funky snakeskin pattern of BM215.

Since the fiance loathes snakes and anything that resembles them (faux or not) I only did an accent nail so I didn’t scare him off.  After applying Essie First Base Base Coat, I used two coats of OPI You Don’t Know Jacques on all but my accent nail.  The accent nail was painted with two coats of OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel (xmas gift from the fiance) so that the snake pattern would show up better.

For the snake pattern, I layered 3 different colors on top of each other to give a real snakeskin affect.  I started with a stamp of a pale creamy yellow using Nubar Yellow Primrose.  Then I layered another stamp using OPI My Private Jet, and then finished with a stamp of OPI You Don’t Know Jacques to tie the mani together.  Obvi I used the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to ‘top’ off the mani.

Here are the colors I used:

Here is the result:

C-c-cold Hearted…..Sssnake

Mani Monday: Out of this World!!

Mani Monday is back…so did ya miss me?!  This Monday I bring you a mani that is truly out of this world: Galaxy Nails!  I recently discovered this little mani via Pinterest (virtual pinboard, addictive time consumer).  Bored with the thought of a conventional mani- which I’ve done plenty of in my absence, I decided to give Galaxy Nails a go.   I tested this out on my nail polish art wheel to make sure I had the technique and color flow down.  My tester looked so cool that I decided to go ahead and do all of my nails instead of just one accent nail (the original plan). This mani was fairly easy too- all you need in addition to a variety of colors is one of those triangular make up sponges to do the artwork.

Here’s what I started out with

After the base coat (Essie First Base Base Coat) I used OPI Light My Sapphire as the base nail color.  To get the cosmic ‘galaxy’ effect -take the sponge and paint the lightest color (I used Essie Something Blue) on to the corner of the sponge.  Dab the sponge on something first to get the excess color off and then dab on your nail.  The lightest color serves as the base to layer other colors on top of  and will end up being the focal point of your design.  I chose to be a little random with this and on some nails went for the corners, and others right in the center.  After you have the start of your ‘nebula’ layer other colors on top by following the same process as you did  with the lighter color.  I proceeded with Essie Turquoise and Caicos, then OPI Sparrow me the Drama, followed by China Glaze White Kwik Silver, then added Essie Bermuda Shorts, OPI Cuckoo for this Color, Sinful This is it, and finally Chanel Peridot.  For each of these colors I simply painted a few coats on the sponge and dabbed away.  The colors don’t last long enough to mix with each other as they are absorbed by the sponge so the tiny area of the sponge I used worked for the entire mani.  Once I finished with the colors I went back in with the base color (OPI Light my Sapphire) and sort of reshaped the nebulas.  To top off the mani- I added a few sparkles to really give it that cosmic effect.  Wherever there was pink- I painted a few sparkles from Sephora by OPI’s Sugar Plum Faries Gone Wild.  Then finished with a coat of Sephora by OPI Flurry Up and Only Gold for me.

There’s a little clean up needed afterwards, but no where near as much as with water marbling.

Aren’t these far out?!  Can’t wait to try it with some other stellar color combos!