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Mani Monday: She’s a Brick….House

She’s mighty mighty, just lettin’ it all hang out….Yep, that’s the song that went through my head as I made my latest nail polish purchase- Deborah Lippman Brick House.  Rust-colored shades are huge this season- both in fashion and in beauty and nail polish is no exception.  This shade reminds me of a freshly fallen leaf on a chilly autumn afternoon- I just hope by wearing this color it doesn’t send away the gorgeous Indian summer weather we are having.  Here’s what I did for the mani: I started with Essie First Base Basecoat, then followed up with two coats of Deborah Lippman Brick House, the finished the mani off with Essie Good to Go Fast Dry Top Coat.  See below for the final result- although the picture makes it look more red- I think it’s a little more on the orange side and I’m loving this color!  It reminds me of the color I got for my very first manicure years ago.  Brick House will definitely be worked in my regular fall rotation.  What colors are you loving for your fall manicure?


Mani Monday: The Top of my List

Ever have one of those days where time just gets away from you?  Where you have so much planned that you have to do (laundry, cleaning, gym, nails, grocery shopping, finding an outfit for later that evening, working on a blog post, etc) and all of a sudden you look at the clock and you realize your dinner plans are in 90 minutes and you haven’t even showered yet?  That was me on Saturday night (oops!).  I suppose to a normal person, 90 minutes is plenty of time to get ready, but when you are having a girls’ night out and plan on getting ultra glam- 90 minutes is not enough- especially when you have to squeeze in a mani.  After I had finished hair, makeup, and getting dressed, I looked at the clock and still had a few minutes for a quick mani before I headed out the door.  So I sat down and went to work.  At some point during the mani, my girl Amy called and said she was changing her outfit and was now dressing up in jeans.  That wouldn’t normally be a problem except that I was in a fitted skirt with wet nails and if I tried to do anything- I would mess up my perfect mani.   Crap!  Luckily Essie’s Good to Go Fastest Drying Top Coat came to the rescue.  It also didn’t hurt that the color I used was only used once before so it was still a good consistency (OPI’s Diva of Geneva).  Only a few minutes of sitting still and I was able to carefully change out of my fitted skirt and in to a pair of dark wash jeans.  We all know that zippers and freshly done nails are not BFF’s, but that Essie Good to Go Top Coat saved the day and I left my house knick free!

Moral of the story…unless you have lots of free time to sit and do nothing (who does)- pick up this top coat now!  For only $8, it will change your life- honestly!

Mani Monday: Seeing Spots

That must have been what Jay Cutler from the Bears said after getting sacked by the Packers so many times yesterday huh?  Well in honor of that wonderful win by the Packers, today’s Mani Monday consists of a green manicure with a gold spotted accent nail.  For this mani I used Essie Protein Base Coat to start.  Then added 2 coats of Essie Going Incognito followed by a coat of Essie Good to Go Fast-Dry Top Coat.  Once they were dry I used my Marbling and Dotting Nail Tool from Sephora and dipped the larger side in Sinful This Is It and dotted my ring finger nail.  Once the gold was dry, I used the smaller side of the dotting tool and dipped it in Essie Going Incognito and dotted the centers of the larger gold dots.  I topped off the mani with another coat of Essie Good to Go Fast-Dry Top Coat.