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Mani Monday: Luck of the Irish…

Since St. Patrick’s day fell on a Saturday this year- there was even more reason to celebrate.  Everyone and their mother, literally, came to the city of Chicago to watch the Chicago river turn neon green and get their drink on.  In order to prepare, a few of the girls from work came over on Thursday for sushi, beer, nail painting, and college basketball.  It was quite the sight to see- four girls just as worried about how their brackets were doing as they were to what Irish theme they were going to paint their nails.  The problem was…we had too many options we couldn’t decide what to do!  It’s my fault.  Instead of just green- I had many shades of green, orange, glitter, stamps, etc that you can see in the photos below.  Decisions were finally made after a bit of ‘testing’ of the endless combinations and the end result on each girl ended up being just as unique and fabulous as they are!  I can’t wait for the next party!Colors used were: Green-Essie Going Incognito and Navigate her, OPI Jade is the new black.  Orange- Essie Orange it’s Obvious, and Tart Deco.  Sparkles-Sephora by OPI Traffic Stopper Copper and Flurry Up.  Tools used: Sephora Dotting Tool and Konad Plate M60.




Mani Monday: Out of this World!!

Mani Monday is back…so did ya miss me?!  This Monday I bring you a mani that is truly out of this world: Galaxy Nails!  I recently discovered this little mani via Pinterest (virtual pinboard, addictive time consumer).  Bored with the thought of a conventional mani- which I’ve done plenty of in my absence, I decided to give Galaxy Nails a go.   I tested this out on my nail polish art wheel to make sure I had the technique and color flow down.  My tester looked so cool that I decided to go ahead and do all of my nails instead of just one accent nail (the original plan). This mani was fairly easy too- all you need in addition to a variety of colors is one of those triangular make up sponges to do the artwork.

Here’s what I started out with

After the base coat (Essie First Base Base Coat) I used OPI Light My Sapphire as the base nail color.  To get the cosmic ‘galaxy’ effect -take the sponge and paint the lightest color (I used Essie Something Blue) on to the corner of the sponge.  Dab the sponge on something first to get the excess color off and then dab on your nail.  The lightest color serves as the base to layer other colors on top of  and will end up being the focal point of your design.  I chose to be a little random with this and on some nails went for the corners, and others right in the center.  After you have the start of your ‘nebula’ layer other colors on top by following the same process as you did  with the lighter color.  I proceeded with Essie Turquoise and Caicos, then OPI Sparrow me the Drama, followed by China Glaze White Kwik Silver, then added Essie Bermuda Shorts, OPI Cuckoo for this Color, Sinful This is it, and finally Chanel Peridot.  For each of these colors I simply painted a few coats on the sponge and dabbed away.  The colors don’t last long enough to mix with each other as they are absorbed by the sponge so the tiny area of the sponge I used worked for the entire mani.  Once I finished with the colors I went back in with the base color (OPI Light my Sapphire) and sort of reshaped the nebulas.  To top off the mani- I added a few sparkles to really give it that cosmic effect.  Wherever there was pink- I painted a few sparkles from Sephora by OPI’s Sugar Plum Faries Gone Wild.  Then finished with a coat of Sephora by OPI Flurry Up and Only Gold for me.

There’s a little clean up needed afterwards, but no where near as much as with water marbling.

Aren’t these far out?!  Can’t wait to try it with some other stellar color combos!

Mani Monday: Girls Night!

This week’s Mani Monday is a little different in the fact that I’m not just showing you one mani- but 6 fabulous mani’s!!  Manicures have become somewhat of an obsession with some of the girls in the office, so we’ve started doing a mani and wine girls’ night.  This past Thursday was quite the event with 6 ladies, 6 bottles of wine, and 6 sets of nails to be manicured.  Each of the girls did something different, but all turned out equally fabulous.

Here we are hard at work

The final result

Here’s what we did clockwise from the top: Staci went to get a pro mani over lunch to save some time.  She did OPI What’s with the Cattitude from the Shrek collection.  Then to snazz it up she added the design using Konad plate M65 and Essie Over the Edge.  Next is Dana who was having her first experience with nail art. She chose a more subtle mani with Essie Chinchilly, Konad plate M57, and Essie Steel-ing the Scene.  Stef decided to use my new Chanel Peridot color and instead of doing Konad plate m57 on all the nails, she decided to do just a thumb and ring finger accent on each hand.  Sinful Black on Black was used for the fishnet.  At the bottom is my cheetah mani that I wrote about last week (I didn’t do my own mani the night-I saved it for the weekend).  Next was Amy who also got a pro mani that day with Staci- however she couldn’t remember the name of the polish (and shockingly I didn’t know it for myself).  To snazz up here mani we did just a little accent of the glittery ombre mani on the ring and thumb fingers of both hands.  She also did a pedi this evening using Sinful Innocent and the m57 Konad plate.  Lastly was Kate- who didn’t hold back on hers one bit. She went all out with Essie Limited Addiction and then the glittery ombre with OPI Extra-va-va-ganza (from the Burlesque collection) and Sephora for OPI Flurry Up and Only Gold for Me.

The night was a success and each gal left with some fantastic looking digits.  There’s sure to be a repeat in the near future.

Glittery Ombre Manicure

Happy Mani Monday!  Since I don’t have anything special on my nails today (just Essie Ballet Slippers), I decided to post a manicure I did about a month ago when my engagement ring made its debut up in WI.  Behold the Glittery Ombre Manicure!

This mani was fairly easy and really fun to do.  I started with Essie’s Protein Base Coat.  Next I added 2 coats of China Glaze White Kwik Silver.  After that dried a bit I added OPI Brand New Skates to just the tips and smudged it a bit with my finger to blend it into the China Glaze color, leaving it darker at the tips.  Then I added one sparkle coat of both Flurry Up and Only Gold for Me from the Sephora for OPI collection.  I moved the glitter around with the brush so that there were more flecks towards the top of the nail and then gradually faded them towards the nail base.  The nails were finished off by Seche Vite’s Dry Fast Top Coat.