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Mani Monday: Beauty Show Booty!

Wow, what a weekend!  My younger sis came to town for our 3rd annual America’s Beauty Show field trip.  Considering that it is our 3rd time going, we’d like to consider ourselves veterans of the show.  We research the vendors that have booths at the show, plot out our plan of attack using the location map, visit only the booths with the best samples, and get out of there before it becomes too crazy busy.  Our first stop is always the Essie booth.  For both of us, this usually where we spend the most money.  How could you not with nail polish and nail treatments at 6 for $20 (or buy 5 get one free at the other Essie booth).  I spent $70 total at Essie this year.  Yes, I may have a problem, but let me justify it for you- I got a combination of 21 polishes and treatments.  If I would’ve bought those at Ulta, I would’ve spent at least 3 times that (not to mention all the other crap I would’ve bought while at Ulta).  After Essie, we head to a few other booths- Moroccan Oil, OPI, Pureology (sadly they weren’t there this year), TIGI, and Moroccan Oil again :).  There’s usually some random nail tool supply booth in the back of the convention center that we always try to find with super cheap nail tools such as files, buffers, brushes, cuticle nippers, etc.  This is the booth where I scored a value pack of 50 nail buffers for only $8!  New to the show this year was Ardell Eyelashes.  I picked up 6 pairs of false lashes for only $15 (sure beats the $5 each at Walgreens!).  I also scored some new makeup brushes from Crown Brush for about $2-$3 a piece.

There’s definitely more to the show if you’re in the industry.  There are demos on everything from flat-ironing, curling, updos, coloring, extensions, and spray tanning!  There are also booths selling everything from products, styling tools, salon furniture, brushes, hair styling books, publications, and the list goes on!

I most enjoyed checking out all the different nail booths.  There was way more of them this year than last. Newer (or at least with a larger presence) was the Shellac or Gel Manicures.  There were also more booths with the nail art stickers that cover your nail.  Also new for us was an actual OPI booth.  Like I mentioned last Mani Monday, OPI’s presence has been with 3rd party distributor in the past.  There was also a China Glaze booth and Orly.  A lot of distraction for someone like me.

Here are some Instagram highlights from the show:Top Row: Models at the P&G Salon Professionals show and some guy with crazy cheetah hair.  Second Row: DJ spinning some great tunes at one of the booths and half dressed female models on stilts and shirtless, buff male models.  Third Row:  The NYX cosmetic booth- what amazing colors and great deals! Last Row:  Yep, that’s Nick Arrojo (from earlier seasons of What Not to Wear )and one of the many nail art booths.

In case you were wondering how I could spend $70 so easily at Essie- take a look at the pics below.  Rows and rows and ROWS of just about every Essie Color you could imagine all organized in alphabetical order so it’s that much easier to find the color you’re looking for!As you can see from the pics above, my sis and I made out pretty well.  Stay tuned for some new manicures using my new colors (the colors I got are on the left, my sister’s are on the right).  Here’s what I picked up:  Pinks-Tour de Finance*, Jamaica me Crazy, and Sure Shot.  Oranges/Corals-Tart Deco, Orange, It’s Obvious*, and Ole Caliente*.  Purples/Greys-Over the Top, Play Date, No More Film, She’s Picture Perfect.  Greens-Mint Candy Apple (hot spring color) and Navigate Her*, and Go Overboard.  Treatments included First Base Base Coat, Good to Go Top Coat, Apricot Cuticle Oil Treatment, and Ridge Filling Base Coat- all from Essie of course!

*All part of Essie’s Spring 2012 Collection


Mani Monday: Seeing Spots

That must have been what Jay Cutler from the Bears said after getting sacked by the Packers so many times yesterday huh?  Well in honor of that wonderful win by the Packers, today’s Mani Monday consists of a green manicure with a gold spotted accent nail.  For this mani I used Essie Protein Base Coat to start.  Then added 2 coats of Essie Going Incognito followed by a coat of Essie Good to Go Fast-Dry Top Coat.  Once they were dry I used my Marbling and Dotting Nail Tool from Sephora and dipped the larger side in Sinful This Is It and dotted my ring finger nail.  Once the gold was dry, I used the smaller side of the dotting tool and dipped it in Essie Going Incognito and dotted the centers of the larger gold dots.  I topped off the mani with another coat of Essie Good to Go Fast-Dry Top Coat.

Mani Monday: Falling for these Fall Nail Polish Trends

As the weather starts to turn, you can’t help but think about fall.  It’s pretty much time to pack up the summer brights and neons in your nail polish wardrobe (along with shorts and sundresses) and time to make that transition to fall colors (and sweaters and boots!).  I don’t know if it’s the cool crispness in the air or the wind and sometimes gloomy days of late, but fall has me thinking much more about cool blues, smokey greys, rich greens, and metallics then the usual berry hues of fall.  It’s no longer unconventional to see nails painted in every color of the rainbow as opposed to the familiar red, burgundy, and nude.  Here are some of my top picks for fall that focus more on the ‘GBIV’ side of the rainbow (sorry ROY!).Colors left to right: Chanel Peridot, Sephora for OPI Fig Leaf, Zoya Yara, Essie Power Clutch, and Butter London WallisColors left to right: Zoya Tao, OPI French Quarter for your Thoughts, Deborah Lippman Stormy Weather, Chanel Graphite, OPI My Private Jet

Colors from left to right: Chanel Quartz, OPI Glitzerland, Essie Case Study, Deborah Lippman Boom Boom Pow, Essie MochachinoColors from left to right: OPI Roadhouse Blues, Zoya Cynthia, Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings the Blues, OPI Ski Teal we Drop, Deborah Lipman Don’t tell Mama

What colors will you be rocking on your fingertips this fall?

Mani Monday: Into the Wild

Ever since I got my Konad nail art stamping plates, I’ve been anxiously awaiting an opportunity to use the cheetah print on the M57 plate.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Konad- it’s a nail imprinting kit that allows you stamp pre-designed images on your nails.  You paint over the design plate with the desired nail polish color, scrape off the excess polish with a special scraper tool, then use the special stamping tool to pick up the image from the plate to transfer to your nail.  It really sounds more complicated than it is- just ask the coworkers who’ve come over to my place a few times for wine and manicure night and do their own Konad stamping.

The main color for this manicure was OPI’s Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window from the fall 2011 Touring America Collection.  Even though the name of the color doesn’t bring pleasant thoughts to mind (eww) the unique olive green color is gorgeous and compliments my olive skin tone.  When I bought this color at Ulta a few weeks ago, I was worried it would be too similar to Essie’s ‘Sew Psyched‘ from last year’s fall collection.  However,  this green has a little more yellow to it.  The application was much better than I expected.  All it took was two coats for solid coverage- and no streaking.  Here’s the comparison of Sew Psyched (left) and Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window (right).

For this manicure I started with Essie’s First Base Base Coat, then added two coats of OPI’s ‘Uh-oh Roll Down the Window’.  For the cheetah print accented just my ring finger and thumb and used Sinful ‘Black on Black’ and Konad plate.  Tip for those trying out the Konad plates- I’ve found it helps to roll the stamper on to the plate from bottom to top, then on the nail from side to side.  For the inside of the cheetah print I used the Marbling and Dotting Nail Tool from Sephora and dipped it in Sinful ‘This is It’.  I finished it off with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  Voila!

New Feature- Mani Monday!

I’ve become even more obsessed with nail polish lately (if that’s even possible).  It’s too the point where I now do my nails 2-3 times a week.  I don’t know if it’s because I have too many colors to use in a lifetime, or because brands like Essie, OPI, and Chanel keep coming out with amazing colors that I need to have, or because of all the inspiration that is out there with nail art, but it’s likely a combination of all 3.   Manicures have become art projects and they aren’t just nails anymore…they’re an accessory which gets just as much consideration as what jewelry I’m wearing or what makeup colors I’m using.  Because of this I’ve decided to do a regular feature on my blog called Mani Monday where I’ll share some of the different manicures I’ve done or am currently sporting and how to do them yourself if it’s anything crazy.

Since it isn’t Monday anymore…I’ll wait until next week to post some pics.  But in the meantime…how about you drool with me over the new Essie and OPI collections pictured below

Essie “Carry On” Fall 2011 Collection

OPI “Touring America” Fall 2011 Collection

What colors will you be buying??